Worship Service - Sundays 10:30 AM

Church can be an intimidating place to visit — especially if you don’t know what to expect. We invite you to experience what the gospel means both intellectually and relationally at one of our Sunday worship services. Our Worship seeks to engage all our senses as the gospel comes to us in Word and Sacrament.  We hope that through visiting with us, you will experience the hope, love and joy that comes from a community of people who love Jesus. 

Gathering around the gifts

When we worship, we are entering into a sacred time and space where God meets with us. 


The primary actor in worship is God! This is why our service is a “Divine Service”—The Divine God comes to serve us in our time and space. We are secondary actors in worship.


We begin the service with the Invocation in which we are reminded that in our Baptisms, God has put His eternal name on us and made us to be his own. 


Next we confess our need for mercy (because, yeah, we still struggle with sin) and then in the absolution God pronounces us “forgiven” for the sake of Jesus. We believe that this word, spoken by the pastor by the authority of Jesus, literally forgives our sins before God above as Jesus promises (John 20). 


We then hear God’s Word, which creates faith in us (Romans 10:17). We also hear a Sermon, which is the Holy Spirit speaking His Word to us via a human mouthpiece. 


We then offer our gifts of thanks and praise and resources to our God in response to His life giving words and to joyfully further the God-given mission of the Church on earth. 


In Holy Communion, Jesus places into our very beings His body and blood, which tangibly forgives our sins, strengthens our faith, and unites us to God and to each other. 


Finally, we hear the Benediction, which is a blessing that God has spoken over His holy people for over 3500 years (Numbers 6:24). We then are free to go out to our God-given callings to be instruments of his love and mercy to our world.

Our response

of praise and thanksgiving

We sing and give offerings to God in response to His actions in our life. He brings us into union with him and so we give our lives to him as a holy sacrifice.  We give our offerings, our strength, and out talents for the sake of his glory.   We use piano, guitar, drums, fiddle, and any other instrument we can get our hands on to praise our God.  


Jesus love kids, so do we.  We strive to include children in all our worship and we take them seriously as believers in Christ.  Are they noisy sometimes? Yep.  Get used to it folks!  We encourage children to sit near the front so that they can engage their senses in the beauty of the music and the worship space (it's better than looking at the back of everyone's heads!) We also have a teaching from the pastor each week just for the younger members of our group.  They are loved and forgiven by God too! We do have a nursery and parents are free to take their kids to that space if the need arises.  We stream our services into that room so you don't miss a beat.  

Art at Calvary

We treasure the gift of art at Calvary.  Each week there is an opportunity to engage your mind by drawing as your are hearing God's Word.   Kids and adults are encouraged to do this as a way of relaxing, meditating, and engaging in the weeks topic.  These pieces of art are then used to bring comfort to the sick that are visited each week.